5mcc is a science-communication podcast focussed on climate change. What’s climate and how does it work? How does the climate on earth change if we burn fossil fuels? How does the climate affect our culture? Are there economic systems providing solutions to the problem we face? Which ideas are out there to address the upcoming challenges? 5 minutes for the changing climate and the chances that are coming along with that. Climate and how it is changing explained, split into 5-minute podcast snacks. We produce very short episodes, packed with a lot of information, which are hopefully as entertaining as necessary to keep listeners engaged to inform themselves on the biggest challenge for humanity. Each episode focuses on one specific aspect of climate change and summarizes different points of views on that. Our listeners can – together with the characters in the show – learn about the science and engineering behind climate change and possible solutions.

Our Mission

5MinutesClimateChance is a transdisciplinary organisation that focuses on constructive climate change communication. The content conveyed illustrates the multi-layered consequence and impact of climate change and aims to create awareness. Through easy-to-understand, humorous and fact-based media formats, we break filter bubbles and bring knowledge about climate change closer to people. The aim is to generate curiosity about the topic. Even among those who have had little interest in it to date, the intention is to arouse inquisitiveness by highlighting the opportunities for combating climate change.

Our Vision

5MinutesClimateChance strives for a society that can make informed and climate-conscious decisions. Thus, 5mcc aims to demonstrate the relevance of the topic to public and private stakeholders and to develop innovative concepts for knowledge transfer as a network. We want to participate in shaping the more and more important field of climate science communication and bring more fact-based infotainment formats into mass media. People should have easy access to climate knowledge everywhere. By bringing the arguments discussed in science directly into our program, we want to make it easier for the broad public to become part of this wide-ranging debate.

Which chances for humanity arise due to climate change?

This and many other questions are addressed at 5MinutesClimateChance. Our credo: spreading knowledge about climate change does not have to be boring packed with incomprehensible vocabulary. Behind our initiative are radio- and podcast-enthusiastic students and graduates from a wide range of disciplines. Our voluntary journalistic project conveys scientific knowledge about climate change with guaranteed included entertainment. However, we are an alarmism and moral lecture banned zone. We explain the challenge of the century piece by piece in an accessible way for everyone.

Highly complex physical processes in the atmosphere influence our daily life. But also vice versa, human actions influence the processes in the atmosphere. We break this interplay and the accompanying multitude of interactions between us and the climate down into easily understandable individual aspects and pack them into 5-minute broadcasts. Do you have 5 minutes?